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While fundraising is not required, we encourage you to set a lofty fundraising goal to help children and families facing a cancer diagnosis.  With the tools we provide, fundraising can be easy, quick and, well, FUN!

You'll be surprised at how quickly the donations add up once you put your heart into the effort.  Start by creating a list of 10 friends who can give you $25 each.  That alone puts you at $250 raised!  Then brainstorm a little more...who else can you add to that list?  You'll be surprised how many people you know when you start writing them all down.  (Tip:  look at your Facebook contacts and address book to come up with a potential donors list.)

How to Raise Funds  We've spelled out how easy it is to raise funds for MessFest.  Download our fundraising cheat sheet now.

Qualify for prizes.  The more you raise for the cause, the more we reward you.  Look at our list of fundraising prizes (and then bump up your fundraising goal!)

The money is not for you. Remember, you are not asking people to fund your next car payment or Hawaiian vacation. You are asking for money to help provide services for children and families facing a childhood cancer diagnosis.

Know your stuff. Be informed about why you are doing this. Memorize a few key facts about The Miracles of Mitch Foundation and some of the work they do.

Talk, talk, talk. Tell everyone you know that you are participating on MessFest and raising donations to help children with cancer.

The magic words. Of course you will say "please" when asking for donations, but do not forget to thank your sponsors too. Send them a simple note and an update on your progress. Make your donors a part of your experience, and they will feel even better about contributing.

Fundraising tips are your friend.  View our extensive list of fundraising tips.

Make it FUN!  Bake up some cupcakes and sell them to your friends for a donation.  Or host an ice cream party at your house and charge everyone per dish or scoop.  Why not have fun while doing your fundraising!?