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Fundraising Incentives

MessFest Fundraising Incentives ALL

Bonus!  Anyone who raises $500 or more will get the Hero's Headband to wear at the event!  Stand out from the crowd and show them your fundraising prowess.

How it works (aka "The Fine Print"):
During your Check-In process on the morning of MessFest, we will total your donations raised on your personal fundraising page, plus any donations you are turning in.  That total will be considered your final fundraising amount.  If you qualify for a fundraising incentive, you will be asked to select what Fundraising Incentive you'd like to receive.  You may also choose to opt-out of any fundraising incentives at that time.

If you qualify for raffle ticket entries, you can enter for the chance to win the grand prizes you desire at the event.

Fundraising incentive items are not cumulative; qualifiers may select one level at or below actual level achieved.  For example, if you raise $650 you only qualify for $650 level prizes.  You do not also qualify for the $375 and $150 incentives.   However, if you qualify for the $650 level prizes you could choose the $375 level prizes instead of the $650 level prizes.  Fundraising prizes are available while supplies last.  If item or size is not available, we will supplement with a gift card.

Gifts are awarded based on individual fundraising efforts, taken from your own personal fundraising account, not team accounts or combined personal fundraising accounts.  Matching gifts are only included in the fundraising totals if the check/payment has cleared prior to event day.  This is because not every matching gift form that is filled out is paid on from the company issuing the match, thus, match money is not guaranteed.

Approximately 2-3 weeks post event, iPod shuffles, Beats and gift certificates will be distributed.  Charity Events of Minnesota reserves the right to substitute an incentive item of equal or greater value and the list of available certificates is subject to change (but we promise they'll be good!)

Fundraising prizes are available while supplies last.  If water bottle or clothing size is no longer available, we will supplement with a gift card.  iPod Shuffle, Beats Headphones and gift cards will be distributed within 2-3 weeks after the event.  If you don't want the prize listed at your qualifying level, you may choose the gift card instead.

Questions?  MessFest@charityeventsofminnesota.org

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