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Start/Stop:  Eagan Community Center - 1501 Central Parkway, Eagan
Overnight/Camp:  Treasure Island Resort & Casino - 5734 Sturgeon Lake Road, Welch

Day 1
Pit 1: Master Gardener Education & Research Garden at UMore Park - 1605 160th St E, Rosemount
Pit 2: Vermillion Falls Park - 215  21st St E, Hastings
Pit 3/Lunch/Camp: Treasure Island Resort & Casino - 5734 Sturgeon Lake Road, Welch
Pit 4 (Extention Loop): Cannon Valley Trail Welch Station - County Road 7 & 144th Ave Way (26674 144th Ave Way), Welch
Pit 5 (Extention Loop): Pottery Pond Park - 1845 Levee Road, Red Wing

Day 2
Pit .5 (Shortcut): DLR Construction - 11545 190th St E, Hastings
Pit 1: Cannon Valley Trail Welch Station - County Road 7 & 144th Ave Way (26674 144th Ave Way), Welch
Pit 2: Riverside Park - 4th Street North & Highway 20, Cannon Falls
Pit 3: Tom Eilen & Sons Trucking - 22500 Hampton Blvd, Hampton
Pit 4: Dakota Unlimited - 15953 Biscayne Avenue W, Rosemount 55068

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We reserve the right to make changes at any time due to road construction, logistical issues, etc.  We will do our best to keep these maps up to date.  Visiting someone on the route?  Don't honk at Riders - it's startling.

Day 1: View at MapMyRide
Day 1 Extension:  View at MapMyRide
Day 2:  View at MapMyRide
Day 2 Shortcut:  View at MapMyRide

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What is the route like?  The route has been designed with the casual bike rider in mind so that everyone can participate (you must be 13 to ride and accompanied by a guardian if you are between the ages of 13-17).  We're not saying it's all downhill or anything, but it's doable for everyone with some proper training. Pit Stops, that are filled with snacks, water and sports drink, are available every 10-20 miles.

Can I ride just one day?  Yes!  Can't commit to both days?  Come just for one! Your registration fee and fundraising minimum stay the same as if you were doing the full two-days.  You will also be responsible for transportation to/from the Ride.  If you plan to Ride with us only on Sunday, you MUST go through Packet Pick-Up on Thursday night or Saturday morning.  We will NOT be able to do Packet Pick-Up/Check In with you Sunday morning.

Where does the Ride start and stop?  The Ride will start and stop at the Eagan Community Center.  Free overnight parking is available.

What is the mileage?  Day 1: 44 miles (optional extension route, which makes the day's total 79 miles).  Day 2: 55 miles (optional shortcut only 42 miles). Please note, your exact mileage may vary.

Where is the campsite/overnight location?  Our overnight stay is at Treasure Island Resort & Casino.  Free camping space (bring your own tent) or book a room in their hotel at your own cost (see info below).  *Click here for a map with directions to Treasure Island

How do I book a hotel room at Treasure Island?  A block of rooms will be held until July 21, 2013 under "Breast Cancer Ride" for the price of $109.00 plus tax for the Buffalo Tower ($10 extra for each additional guest) or $129.00 plus tax in the Eagle Tower ($10 extra for each additional guest).  After July 21st rooms are released to the public so book early!  Please call the reservation line at 1-888-867-7829 to book your room.  You need to reserve your room with a credit card, and if something comes up you can cancel your room up until 4pm on Saturday, August 3rd, 2013.  (Reminder: your reservation is your responsibility to pay for and manage.  The Ride does nothing but provides the room blocks for our participants.) 

Can I book an RV spot at Treasure Island?  Yes.  Call Summer at 800-222-7077 x2334 to book your RV spot (please mention that you are with the Breast Cancer Ride).

Can I go home on Saturday night to sleep?  You sure can!  Just make sure you're back to Treasure Island and on your bike no later than 8:00am (bike parking closes promptly at 8:00am and all bikes are transported to the Finish Line Celebration at the Eagan Community Center.  Feel free to join us for breakfast which is available as early as 5:30am.

Will you have bike techs?  Of course!  Erik's Bike Shop (we love them!) has graciously donated their services to be our bike tech sponsors.

Will you have route support?  Absolutely!  If you can't finish the route or your bike has some issues we have our Sweep Crew ready and waiting to pick you and your bike up and transport you. 

What kind of roads are we on?  The Ride takes place on city streets, county roads and some bike trails.  We suggest you spend some time training on busy (and safe) roads so you get comfortable riding with traffic, cars and distractions around you.  Before heading out to ride make sure to review the rules of the road and watch our Safety Video found below.

Can you show me how to Ride my bike safely?  We sure can!  Thanks to CO-DOT for donating the use of this Rider Safety Video that can be viewed below.


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"I enjoyed the peacefulness of the routes on both days.  The roads were overall in great condition, very little traffic."

"I enjoyed the way you setup the day 1 ride, with the extension route being a more challenging ride (the climbs and descents were great!).  It was also nice that on day 2, you modified the course as much as possible from the day 1 route."

"The bike routes were well planned and being a newbie to biking were very manageable."

"It was nice to end the ride with a good solid ride, that wasn't so physically draining.  Don't change it!"

"I will say the lady dancing in the street when we finished the BIG hill going towards Welch was amazing and put a smile on my face and truly gave me the energy to keep going!!"

"Bike routes were great both days."

"The route was good both days. Wide shoulders, nice use of the Cannon Valley Trail.  The route was doable for a wider range of fitness and skill."

"Nice mix of city and country. I liked community members showing support on both days!"

"The regular routes were good for riders with little experience.  The additional loop was good as well for those of us with more experience."

"The route was 'just right'.  Just enough challenge that no matter what kind of weather we could have had, it was still a challenge for everyone!"

"The route was terrific both days. Loved doing the Cannon Valley Trail Trail day 2."

"Wow....what a great ride this year."

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